Northland Slurpies Panfish Tube - Silver - $2.88

Grab a pack and head to your favorite panfish hole. The lifelike soft and chewy hollow tube body with a tantalizing teaser tail is something those crappies and bluegills can't resist! The Slurpies line of soft plastic creature baits are the most lifelike fish-producing lures on planet earth! They are hand sculpted and designed with holographic Baitfish-Image FishFlakes that flash and shimmer like irridescent fish scales to lure fish from a wide radius, while a salted and spiced blend of attractor scent called SowSauce turns the sniffers into biters! Per 8. Size: 2 . Colors: (011)Silver Shiner, (012)Gold Shiner, (023)Perch, (024)Super-GloChub, (026)Super-Glo Sunfish, (027)Bluegill. Color: Silver. - $2.88