NORTHLAND Live-Forage Twin Spin Harness - Silver - $2.88

One of the hottest lures for walleye, sauger, perch and pike, the twin-bladed Live-Forage Twin Spin delivers optimal flash and vibration to entice monster strikes. FishPhoto-Image blades create an irresistible throbbing, DoubleThump vibration and vortex to lure fish from a wide radius. High-definition blades feature pictures of a live baitfish, resulting in color and detail only a real fish can match. Hand-snelled on a 48 Bionic green camo leader with premium Matzuo Needle-Point hooks. Holographic attractor beads. Made in USA. Per each. Colors: (001)Fathead, (011)Silver Shiner, (012)Gold Shiner, (022)Yellow Perch. Color: Silver. - $2.88