Northland Impulse Tadpole - (1.35") - $2.79

Packed with lifelike motion, the Impulse Tadpole mimics the larvae stage of the common frog or toad. Its true-to-life head and undulating tail perfectly simulates a tadpole, natural forage for a wide variety of fish. Fortified with Impulse, a baked in and super-charged MicroPlakton scent, fish wont hesitate to strike. Per 10.Size: 1.35. Colors: (007)Natural, (009)Bloodworm, (013)Glo White, (030)Emerald, (031)Crappie, (037)Smelt, (110)Chartreuse Shad, (136)Glo Pink. Type: Creatures. Size 1.35". Model Chart Shad. - $2.79