Northland Impulse Mini Roundworm - GLO CHART (1 1/2") - $2.79

Perfectly simulates one of the most common aquatic species found in almost every ecosystem, so you know it will attract a wide variety of fish. The hair-like, undulating body features an exaggerated egg sack for rigging durability. Fortified with a powerful, baked-in MicroPlankton formula thats proven 143% more effective than the leading scent.Size: 1.5.Colors: (003)Black, (007)Natural, (008)Glo Orange, (009)Bloodworm, (013)Glo White, (019)Glo Watermelon, (136)Glo Pink, (310)Glo Chartreuse. Type: Worms. Size 1 1/2". Color Glo Chart. - $2.79