Northland HEXI FLY - $2.99

Field-proven by the Team Northland Pro Staff and MarCum Electronics engineers, this revolutionary little bug moves just like live flies, water bugs and fleas. Its molded with a Mustad Ultra-Point fine-wire hook and a horizontally balanced Slab Torso, which lets it scoot, fly and dart while its jigged or worked in a free-fall. It also features 1/4 Wave Technology for producing double the sonar signal of like-sized bugs, making it easier for ice fishermen to maneuver the HEXI FLY near fish on the flasher. Per 2. Sizes: 8, 10, 12. Colors: (051)Slug, (062)Fruit Fly, (081)Grasshopper, (082)Tiger Beetle, (087)Woodtick, (088)Lady Bug, (092)Fire Ant. - $2.99