Northland Gum-Drop Floaters - Orange/Black - $2.88

Fish love to take a bite out of these soft Northland Gum-Drop Floaters. Gum-drop floating jigs are made with soft foam molded over a needle-point Mustad hook and coated with pliable rubber paint to entice game fish off the bottom. Gum-Drop Floaters work great with crawlers, leeches and minnows because the live bait swims frantically to fight the buoyancy of the float. Per 6. Hook Sizes: Size 4 #4 hook, 1 Size 2 #2 hook, 1-1/4 Size 1 #1 hook, 1-1/2 Size 2 with stinger #2 hook, 1-1/4 with a 3 trailing stinger hook Colors: (017)Perch, (021)Firetiger, (122)Pink/White, (126)Chartreuse/Orange, (137)Orange/Black, (140)Glow/Blue, (144)Chartreuse/Lime. *Sizes are measured from eye to the back of the hook Color: Orange/Black. - $2.88