Northland 45-Piece Up-North Pike Kit - $29.99

This kit contains everything youll need to start reeling in those monster pike. A variety of lures ensures you will always have the right tackle for the job. Includes handy, reuseable 12-Compartment storage box.Includes:Two Forage Minnow spoonsTwo Buzzard Buzzer spinnerbaitsOne Magnum Reed-Runner spinnerbaitOne Jaw-Breaker spoonOne Jungle JigTwo rigged Mimic Minnow shadFive unrigged Mimic Minnow shadOne Bionic Bucktail jig16 Slurpies Swimn grubsEight Slurpies Swimn grub tailsTwo Stingr Trailer HooksOne weighted Lip-Stick worm hookOne unweighted Lip-Stick worm hookTwo Jungle Jig-Locs Type: Kits. - $29.99