North X Type Windsurfing Sail 6.6m White/Black - $500.95

Designed to win the SuperX World Cup! The North Sails SuperX Team loves this sail's explosive performance and the perfect control in all phases of the heats. Despite its huge power, the X_Type allows the rider to fully focus on obstacles and maneuvers. Kai Hopf used only six battens for the smaller sizes up to 6.6 for better handling due to reduced weight. And once again you can use all X_TYPE with a single 460-25 mast - one mast fits all!Key Features of the North Sails X Type 6.6m Windsurfing Sail: Hyper.Leech II - Just like the wing of an airplane, it has a sharp bend along the trailing edge. The exact point of the bend was shifted a little higher up compared to last year's design. This enhances load distribution at the leech and makes the top extremely responsive. The result is improved loose leech twist for more control and a more stable rig in gusts and overpowered situations. TT.Top II - Reduced concave shape for a better distribution of loads and a more effective, three dimensional top twist. That means that in high wind conditions, the top not only twists horizontally but also vertically. Gusts are virtually neutralized and the rig remains stable in you hands. Dura.Luff.Patch - Reinforces the area around the boom, creates a smooth transition to the monofilm and prevents cracks in the film. X.Ply Solid Foot Construction - No less than three different types of X.Ply with various fiber densities are used. All materials are carefully selected to match the range of application and to achieve an optimum ratio between durability and weight. Size: 6.6 Luff (cm): 472 Boom (cm): 198 - $500.95