North Sails Natural Windsurfing Sail White/Grey 6.6 - $489.95

In the course of laborious tests, Kai Hopf developed a new sail layout that requires much less trimming know how. This means less time and knowledge is required for the setup, without need for subsequent adjustments! As a result, the focus for sizes up to 6.6m still on handling and pressure point stability, which explains why only 5 battens are in place. At 7.0m and above, the design focuses on planning power and Kai Hopf once again concentrated on simple rig control and handling characteristics. Both version offer excellent control, a high level speed, acceleration, and handling. The Natural will make windsurfing much less complicated and we believe that for many sailors the problem of choosing the right equipment is almost obsolete.Key Features of The North Sails Natural Windsurf Sail 6.6M: Low Trim Sensibility Guarantees Best Performance 2 MAST FITS ALL, Only 2 Masts Needed for All Sail Sizes Imodular Design, For Less Weight and Improved Handling Highly Durable DURA LUFF PATCH Helps Avoid Damage to The Luff Most Versatile Sail Luff: 465cm - $489.95