North American Arms .22 Magnum Cap And Ball Revolver Kit - $249.88

Engineered by legendary gun designer Dick Casull, this cap and ball .22-cal. five-shot revolver delivers loads of fun for plinking, target practice or even varmint hunting. Black-powder enthusiasts will appreciate its American-made, precision surgical-quality stainless steel design, along with its numerous accessories including everything but caps and powder to start shooting today. Compatible with the grips, holsters and accessories for North American Arms .22 LR Mini Revolver. Uses .22-cal. cap and ball bullets. Barrel length: 1-5/8. Kit includes: 300 30-gr. lead bullets Powder charge measure Bullet seater Five bullet nipples installed in cylinder Allen wrench for bullet nipples Small padlock with NAA logo Black plastic lockable storage box Leather bullet pouch Replica Civil-War-era flap holster Extra cylinder with bullet nipples installed - $249.88