Norman Lures Silent DD22 Crankbait - $3.88

Offer stubborn fish something different with this silent, deep-diving crankbait. This rattleless lure shows itself to fish before they hear it, for a more subtle approach. Runs at depths of 15 to 18 ft. Lure coating provides optimal flash and reflection. Durable gelcoat finish resists wear. Made in USA.Size: 3", 5/8 oz.Colors: (133)Lavender Shad, (147)Tennessee Shad (not shown), (177)Rootbeer, (181)Chartreuse Blue, (191)SX Shad Chartreuse, (201)Jelly Bean, (253)Red Ear, (262)Nutter Shad, (269)SX Shad, (294)Chartreuse Shad. - $3.88