Norman Lures N-Series Deep Diver 14 Crankbait - $3.88

A great go-to bait during the heat of the day when the big ones are sitting a little deeper. When fished on 10-lb. line it dives from 12 to 14 ft. with a wobbling action that even lazy fish can t say no to. Per each. Size: 3", 5/8 oz. Colors: (009)Chartreuse/Black, (139)Black Splatter, (149)Baby Bass, (153)Bumblebee, (181)Midnight Sun, (186)Harbor "O", (191)SX Shad Chartreuse, (214)Copper Back, (221)Purple Essence, (225)Apocalypse, (253)Red Ear, (262)Nutter Shad (not shown), (269)SX Shad, (275)Slick. - $3.88