Nordica Firearrow Team 2 Ski Boots - Kids' - 2012/2013 - $109.00

The kids' Nordica Firearrow Team 2 ski boots offer the comfort they'll need to stick with it and enjoy their time on the slopes. The Nordica Firearrow Team 2 kids' ski boots feature a 3-piece shell construction that makes it easier for kids to get their feet into boots. Boots flex lightly at first, then as pressure increases on tongues during turn, the resistance increases and enhances precision. After flexing, boots return to upright position, setting skis up for the next turn. Even if boots are sized with some room to grow, the middle buckles clamp down on feet at a 45deg angle to keep heels securely seated. Junior liners feature soft padding and a warm faux-fur lining. Loop on tongues aids in putting the boots on and taking them off. Buckles are microadjustable, so young skiers can dial in the fit for comfort and performance. - $109.00