Nomis Era Long Sleeve Jersey Shirt - $39.95

Nomis Era Long Sleeve Jersey Shirt - Pick the Era Long-Sleeve T-Shirt from Nomis up off of your floor and put it back on one more time. I know, I know you have worn it every day this week, and sure, it has been sitting on your floor in a pile of laundry that you are never ever going to do. Made up 100 percent heavyweight cotton the Era long sleeve works as a stand alone top or for those extra chilly days a great layering piece. The stylish design will have people taking a second look as you stroll by wondering where they can get this awesome shirt. . Material: 100% Cotton, Battery Heated: No, Type: Tees, Weatherproof: No, Material: Cotton, Model Year: 2012, Product ID: 246860 - $39.95