Nixon Magnacon SS Watch - $999.95

Slip on the stainless steel strap of the Nixon Magnacon SS Watch and prepare to fight through an army of fembots in the club. Theyre attracted to the sleek, all-stainless steel and titanium-carbide-coated design, which stands up to their abuse as they try to drag you onto the dance floor. The Magnacons custom numbered case back and double gasket screw crown detail gives you the one-of-kind look and feel that youre searching for not only in a female, but also in a standout timepiece. The six-hand, Swiss-made chronograph attractively displays your precious seconds, minutes, hours, and even days ticking away among these manufactured broads, so tap on the scratchproof sapphire crystal to show them youre ready to move on to find a real woman. - $999.95