Nite Ize Knotbone Knot Replacement with Cord - Package of 4 - $7.50

With the Nite Ize KnotBone Knot Replacement you can secure and attach your rope in a variety of configurations for a nearly endless list of uses without tying a single knot. KnotBone is an ingeniously designed little piece of plastic that saves time and effort by eliminating the need to tie a knot for nearly every purpose. KnotBone offers a simple wrap-and-lock principle that keeps connections fixed; no more tying and retying, no more worry that the knot will slip or loosen. And because it's as easy to undo as it is to secure, there's no more wasted time struggling to untie knots that have pulled tight. 4 ways to start using the KnotBone Knot Replacement: anchor loop, rope connector, single rope loop and fixed loop; many more uses limited only by your imagination. Comes with 4 KnotBones and includes one 25 ft. section of 3.5mm cord. Fits cord sizes 2mm - 3.5mm. Load limit: 25 lbs. - $7.50