Nite Ize Knotbone Flat Bungee - $6.93

Secure just about anything with the Nite Ize KnotBone Flat Bungee cord. Adjustable bungee cord uses carabiner clips on the ends for added versatility and security. Textured flat bungee cord wraps and conforms around even and uneven surfaces alike. Ends have carabiner clips instead of hooks giving you more options for securing items onto pack, bike, kayak or inside your vehicle. Once adjusted, bungee ends can be secured in place with a wrap-and-lock motion around end of carabiner. Instead of elastic that loses its stretch over time, KnotBone has a durable, high-quality cord that threads through each end. Bungee is 3/4 inch wide and adjusts/stretches from 9 to 38 inches long. - $6.93