Niner R.I.P. 9 1-Star Complete Bike - $3,199.00

Not only does Niner have the 29er mountain bike sectioned into every possible style from hardtails to full suspension rides, but it also offers them in steel, aluminum, and carbon. No other manufacturer can claim to have so many models and variations rolling on wagon wheels. And one piece of the Niner puzzle is the all-mountain, alloy, and 120mm-travel R.I.P. 9 1-Star Complete Bike. Sporting longer travel then the cross-country focused Jet 9, the Niner R.I.P. 9 treats you with more composure when the trail gets unruly. By combining Niners CVA, twenty-niner-specific suspension design with extensive hydrofoming, forging, and CNC machining, the R.I.P. 9 keeps weight on the lighter side. And together, these manufacturing methods provide a plush and efficient ride quality for every variety of trail. When Niner designed its Constantly Varying Arc (CVA) suspension system to complement 29ers, it didn't adapt an existing 26 inch-wheeled platform. This meant that Niner was able to tweak the links and pivots in order to enhance the ride of big wheels. It placed extra stiff forged aluminum links in positions that isolated pedaling forces, while remaining fully active under all conditions. And because the lower link sits below the bottom bracket, and the CVAs instant center is located in a virtual position ahead of the drivetrain, chain tension at the rear axle pulls the two linkages in opposite directions. This system effectively isolates the drivetrain from the rear triangle. So, when you press on the pedals, nothing's lost to compressing the suspension. Additionally, you wont suffer any kickback from chainstay growth when you're pedaling through rock gardens. Another key feature of the CVA is its low ratio of shock stroke to suspension movement. This decreases the amount of preload needed, which translates into smooth, effective damping and less drag on the seals. The R.I.P. 9 gets 4. - $3,199.00