Niner JET 9 2-Star Complete Bike - $3,199.00

Niner's Jet 9 is a highly capable crosscountry design, sporting a lightweight alloy frame with three inches of CVA suspension travel. That might not seem like much travel, but when teamed up with high volume 29er tires, you get a bike that's ultra-responsive, yet rides like it has much more travel. The 2-Star Complete kit is equipped with Shimano Deore and SLX drivetrain components, along with a Recon fork and American Classic wheels, in order to squeeze all of the possible ride characteristics out of the Jet 9. And coincidentally, this is achieved without putting the hurt on your bank account. Niner's Constantly Varying Arc (CVA) suspension design places forged aluminum in positions that isolate pedaling forces, while remaining fully active under all conditions. And because the lower link sits below the bottom bracket, and the CVA's instant center sits in a virtual location ahead of the drivetrain, chain tension at the rear axle pulls the two linkages in opposite directions. This system effectively isolates the drivetrain from the rear triangle. So, when you press on the pedals, nothing's lost to compressing the suspension. Additionally, you won't suffer any kickback from chain growth when pedaling through rock gardens. Differing Niner's CVA design even further from its competitors are super-short, 450mm chainstays. Short chainstays are vital to FS 29ers, directly affecting their ability to easily negotiate tight switchbacks and to provide eager handling. And because the rear tire's tucked under the rider, the Jet 9 carves well and is highly maneuverable in technical situations. The CVA also doesn't inhibit front derailleur placement or operation, something that plagues FS 29ers and causes chainstays to be excessively long. Another key feature of the CVA is its low ratio of shock stroke to suspension movement. This decreases the amount of preload needed. Accordingly, this translates to smooth, effective damping, while placing less drag on the seals. - $3,199.00