Nikon Riflehunter 550 Rangefinder - $149.88

Know exactly where to hold, even when the situation calls for a sharp-angled, long-range shot. Nikon's advanced ID technology compensates for incline or decline shooting angles, up to an incredible 89 of angle (nearly vertical), and provides the equivalent horizontal range the distance the bullet will actually travel. The hunter simply aims, pushes the button and plans the shot according to the displayed distance. It's waterproof, fogproof and offers 6X magnification and generous 18mm eye relief, great for eyeglass wearers. Fast and accurate ranging. With ID on, the unit reads in 1/5-yd. increments. With ID off, it reads in 1/2-yd. increments to 99.5 yds. and 1-yd. increments to 550 yds. CR-2 lithium battery and case included.Color/Camo Pattern: Realtree MAX-1 , Brown. - $149.88