Night Owl Nightvision Binoculars - Clear - $549.99

One of the most advanced and highly regarded Generation 1 nightvision binoculars on the market. Central-focusing wheel provides quick, simultaneous focusing of both objective lenses. Proprietary inter-ocular hinge ensures both optical channels are precisely centered on each eye. Two high-quality Generation 1 intensifier tubes enhance ambient light for clear nightvision. Built-in infrared illuminator improves target recognition in the darkest environments. Premium glass lenses for crystal-clear performance. Rubberized finish is shock-resistant and increases grip in any environment. Impact-resistant thermoplastic lens housings withstand rugged use in the field. Expected battery life of up to 80 hours depending on usage. Powered by one 3-volt CR-123 battery (not included). Color: Clear. Type: Night Vision Bi-oculars. - $549.99