New England KMIII Emergency Rescue Static Rope - 5/16" x 330' - 2012 Closeout - $138.73

Standard equipment in the firefighting and rescue team community, the New England KMIII Emergency Rescue static rope is a single-use, 1-person lifeline for an emergency rappel. Please note: this is not a climbing or mountaineering rope; it is designed for a 1-time-only emergency rescue. Kernmantle design matches a static nylon core (kern) with an abrasion-resistant braided polyester sheath (mantle) for durability. Low-stretch, high-strength rope can also serve as a tie-down rope or accessory cord for non-belaying applications. Special knowledge and training are required to use this rope. 330 ft. of continuous rope comes on a large wooden spool. Closeout. - $138.73