New Balance WT10V2 Minimus Trail Running Shoe - Women's - $104.95

Slip your foot into the New Balance Women's WT10V2 Minimus Trail Running Shoe and experience the bliss of near-barefoot running without beating up your toes. Ultralight on top and armored with a Vibram outsole on the bottom, this shoe allows your foot to flex and move as it would naturally. A small amount of cushioning soaks up impact when your foot strikes the ground, and thanks to the low, 4mm drop (heel-forefoot offset), you can easily transition between heel, midfoot, and forefoot striking styles as needed. This minimalist shoe was crafted specifically for trail use and, more than a race shoe, this is one that will suit you well when you're training at short to moderate distances. One of the most enjoyable parts of a shoe like the Minimus is the opportunity to run with or without socks. New Balance even added an antibacterial treatment to the liner to fight any odors that would otherwise occur when you hit the trail sans socks. - $104.95