New Balance WT1010 Minimus Trail Running Shoe - Women's - $71.47

In case the name didn't give it away, the New Balance Women's WT1010 Minimus Trail Running Shoe is a minimalist trainer for runners who want an ultralight, almost-barefoot trail shoe. Breathable mesh uppers and a flexible chassis mean that this shoe not only fits your foot like a glove, but it also allows for the most natural biomechanical movement of your foot and toes during foot strike. The drop from heel to forefoot is low, only 4mm, and this allows you to transition easily to a midfoot or forefoot striking style which may help to reduce impact on your joints and allow you to move more quickly off your toes. Compared to a minimalist road shoe, the Trail offers additional cushioning and protection that make it a safer option for running in the wild. You get the traction of a Vibram outsole, the cushioning of lightweight Rev Lite midsole material, and the protection of a Rock Stop plate that shields you from harm caused by sharp rocks or debris. This shoe encourages you to reconnect with the ground and it frees your toes, foot, and joints to do what they do naturally. - $71.47