New Balance MR10V2 Minimus Running Shoe - Men's - $104.95

New Balance does barefoot one better with the revamped Men's MR10v2 Minimus Running Shoe. Designed to encourage "Good Form Running," which features an upright posture and joint-friendly midfoot striking with a high cadence, it balances a low 4mm-drop design and featherweight materials with underfoot protection. New Balance found a way to shave nearly an ounce off the weight of last year's model, while at the same time enhancing durability and traction with a new Vibram outsole.New Balance offers a variety of minimalist-oriented running shoes; the MR10v2 falls in the middle of the range, between the featherweight, zero-drop Minimus Zero shoe and the MR20 shoe. If you're an experienced minimalist-style runner, but looking for more cushioning than the Zero offers, you'll prefer the MR10; runners just making the transition and getting used to this new style might select the MR20. - $104.95