Neilpryde V8 Windsurfing Sail 6.0m Blue/Grey - $489.95

100% Pure Freerace. As a direct beneficiary of the NeilPryde Racing program, the V8 has many of the features found in the RS:Racing and RS:Slalom sails including the all-new UltraCam. With 2 cambers, a midsize luff pocket, and softer rotation than a race sail, the V8 represents the perfect balance between high end performance, solid low end power and easy handling.Key Features of the NeilPryde V8 6.0m Windsurfing Sail: The outline and shaping are closely related to the RS:Racing sail. This makes the V8 the fastest freeride sail in the collection. With the deepest profile of all the flatwater sails, and an aspect ratio close to that of the V6 - but with a bigger foot - the V8 planes effortlessly. Profile Relative Luff Sleeve Width. This involves using a wider sleeve section in the lower part of the sail (where the profile is deepest) giving good power, improved stability and easy rigging. In the upper section of the luff pocket, a narrow sleeve is used giving light weight, easy water starting and good twist. UltraCam Performance Technology delivers excellent rotation and profile stability. A reduction in the number of battens from 7 to 6 gives the V8 a lighter and softer feeling while improving low-end power. V8 6.0m - Luff 453cm Boom 189cm 7 Battens, 2 cams - $489.95