NeilPryde Firefly Sail C5 Maroon/Lt Grey 6.1M - $419.96

A light, powerful, freestyle sail, that accelerates quickly and gets up to speed ready for your next move. For anything from classic to modern freestyle, the FireFly is ready for action. Even taken into the waves, the sail will be right at home. This sail truly bridges the gap between wave sailing, flat water and freestyle with its quick maneuverable character and has plenty of lift to easily get some air - with or without waves.Key Features of the NeilPryde Firefly Sail: Central draft location, keeping the sail’s power around the rider and increasing stability Load-specific reinforcement ensuring strength in the most critical load areas Light but strong construction with a mix of Dyneema and monofilm providing an ideal combination of durability and weight. Easily depowering profile for optimum maneuverability combined with good acceleration. Large monofilm window for optimum visibility Compact clew, resulting in a lower aspect ratio and more maneuverable sail. Moderate surface tension and downhaul allowing the Firefly to quickly change mode from giving drive to being neutral. - $419.96