NeilPryde Atlas Sail C5 Maroon/Lt Grey 4.5M - $469.95

With its power and lift this sail is made for the rider looking to have optimum performance in onshore conditions while still working well in all other conditions. It gets planing quickly and has the best upwind performance a wave sail can offer. The sail gives great lift for jumping while constant drive will help you make the most out of every wave.Key Features of the NeilPryde Atlas Sail: High skin (surface) tension gives good response and profile stability Moderate deep profile creates the most lift of all the NeilPryde wave sails. The low Aspect ratio will keep the power low down where the rider can use it. Large luff curve for increased body tension and stability. Low centre batten for increased stability Low clew position, for better release in the head and better balance. The draft extends higher up than in other wave sails to generate power and upwind performance in onshore conditions. The center of effort is perfectly balanced between both hands to combine a powerful profile with neutral feeling. - $469.95