Neil Pryde X3 Windsurfing Mast 490 - $243.95

Windsurfing success depends on board, mast and sail. When all three are up to spec, the ride is great. But if even one of them is off, then ... it's not so good. A great board and great sail can't do their job without a great mast. Great masts are their business at NeilPryde and they know their business better than anybody else. The X3 is standard outside diameter, also known as SDM (for reduced diameter, choose the RDM. Made of technical composites, the X3 masts are filament wound for ultimate integrated strength and with 30 percent carbon fiber in the filament yarn for high strength. If you're looking for a great mast without a high price, you'll like the X3.Key Features of The NeilPryde X3 Windsurf Mast 490cm: Standard outside diameter mast with high wall thickness for durability Construction Process: Filament Winding Carbon content: 30% For those looking for a price-point, performance mast that has great compatibility with all sails, in all conditions - $243.95