Neil Pryde X3 RDM Mast 430cm - $389.95

Windsurfing accessories are essential to upgrading your board and experiencing the best performance out on the water. The Neil Pryde X3 RDM Mast 430cm is a quality made mast with a reduced diameter and a high wall thickness for durability. Filament winding makes up the construction process and the mast has a 30% carbon content. With the combination of a great price and durability, the mast is compatible with all sails and in all conditions.Key Features of The Neil Pryde X3 RDM Mast 430cm: Reduced diameter mast with high wall thickness for durability Construction Process: Filament Winding Carbon content: 30% For those looking for a price-point, performance mast that has great compatibility with all sails, in all conditions - $389.95