Neil Pryde Tempo Windsurfing Sail 5.7 Red Grey - $479.95

Joyriders. get your ticket here. The new Tempo gives you all the highs of board-sailing without breaking your back, your brain or your bank. It's windsurfing pure and simple, an easy rig and an easy ride. Better still, it's a front row experience at a back seat price. If you're an ambitious beginner or an intermediate looking to accelerate the learning curve, Tempo has your name on it. (If your name also happens to be Neil Pryde).Key Features of The Neil Pryde Tempo Windsurf Sail 5.7M: Easy Planning and Good Maneuverability From Moderate Deep Forward Oriented Profile Claw, Luff and Foot are All Reinforced with Dyneema X-Ply Five Full Battens and a Flex Head Batten Puts the Balance Between Light Weight, Softness and Stability Specific Luff Curve Gives Broad Wind Range and Extra Stability Load Specific Reinforcement Puts Critical Strength Where It's Needed Most Without Waste or Excess Weight Progressive Use of Monofilm Thickness Keeps Tempo Light Up Top and Strong Down Low Luff: 402 (5.2), 420 (5.7), 438 (6.2), 455 (6.7), 472 (7.2), 489 (7.7) Boom: 166 (5.2), 174 (5.7), 181 (6.2), 188 (6.7), 194 (7.2), 200 (7.7) - $479.95