Neil Pryde Excess Windsurfing Sail 6.9 Blue Grey - $738.95

Greed is good. If having it all is still not sufficient for you, then may we suggest the Excess. Excess puts you figuratively at the head of the table with the whole damn menu at your disposal. There's a flavor here for every taste - flatwater blaster, bump and jumper, freestyle or wave, because on any given day, you can be one or all of these. It's the heavy duty go-fast sail that feeds you everything with an expansive wind range and whiplash speed and acceleration. And if that's still not enough, we can't help you.Key Features of The Neil Pryde Excess Windsurf Sail 6.9M: Twist and shout - Stable Forward Draft Moderate Profile Makes the Sale Equally Versatile for Early Planning, Power, and Maneuvers 100% Dyneema @ Reinforced Construction Mean the Excess Never Fails Good Response and Low End Power is Fuelled By a More Even Surface Tension thanks to the Moderate Luff Curve Load Specific Reinforcement Puts Critical Strength Where it's Needed Most Without Mast or Excess Weight Large Sail Foot Area Improves Low End Power and Keeps you Stable Luff: 439 (5.9), 457 (6.4), 470 (6.9), 483 (7.4) Boom: 187 (5.9), 194 (6.4), 201 (6.9), 208 (483) - $738.95