Neil Pryde Alpha Windsurfing Sail Purple/Grey 4.2 - $439.95

Fear nothing. When big bad onshore and his lighter brother come a knocking, now you can open the door. Today, the balance between the forces is tipped in your favor, because you've got Alpha on your side. The new Alpha - our most powerful wave sail ever - is in no mood for confrontation. When you need to get safely across the white lines, Alpha is there for you, charging with freight train strength up wind and out the back, and with reassuring power and control. And when there's nowhere to hide, the larger monofilm window lets you face your adversaries with eyes wide open. On your day of reckoning, this is the bully you want on your team. The new Alpha - committed to serve and protect. Even onshore is scared of it.Key Features of The NeilPryde Alpha Windsurfing Sail 4.2m: More responsiveness and better upwind ability through a mid-sized sail head and corresponding high surface tension The wider luff sleeve deflects the effects of gusty conditions by acting like a giant mast length shock absorber The most pronounced luff curve in the wave sail range providing power release, constant drive and early planning Load-specific reinforcement puts critical strength where it's needed most, without waste or excess weight Lower clew position gives better lower leech twist for more sail control on the wave Widescreen visibility thanks to large monofilm window Full Throttle: The deepest, least rotating profile in the quiver puts more power on the floor Increased sail stability through a central draft location puts more power at your direct control Luff: 382cm, Boom: 157cm - $439.95