Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Basic Kayak - $799.00

The Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Basic offers the friendly access of a sit-on-top kayak and the performance of a sit-inside kayak. The Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Basic kayak is well-suited to fishing, photography and bird watching on lakes and slow moving water. Polyethylene construction offers performance and rugged durability. Part of what makes the Ultimate 12 Basic so friendly to any paddler is the double-concave, "tunnel" hull that enhances stability. Low profile sides resist high winds, and clutter-free area directly in front of seat won't snag your fishing line. Concave foot wells offer a place to stand that puts your center of gravity close to the waterline, and makes it easy to sight cast or pole the kayak in shallow water. Elevating you above the point where water might collect, the seat consists of a UV- and water-resistant mesh fabric stretched over an anodized aluminum frame. Native Watercraft calls out this seating using the term "Air-lite". Seat back adjusts backward and forward, and seat pan provides 3 different levels of thigh support. Footbraces are easily adjustable. Soft handles at bow and stern. - $799.00