Native Nano 2 Lens Kit - $39.95

The Native Nano 2 Lens Kit is a replacement lens pair for your Nano 2 sunglasses. One too many scratches preventing you from seeing the trail and being properly shielded from the sun? Alas! A solution to your problems, pick up a new pair of lenses and as soon as you pop them in you'll be hitting the dirt trail running. Move fast and hard through the Woods on foot or on bike and your eyes will probably not even get any bugs in them. Or sun. Features of the Native Nano 2 Lens Kit Includes a single pair of replacement Poly Crystal Carbonate lenses for the Native Nano 2 sunglasses Optical-quality, impact-resistant lenses Blocks 100% of harmful UV light Eliminates glAre for sharp, clear vision with increased contrast and depth perception P. C.C.? lenses provide outstanding vision and protection in any lighting condition - $39.95