Native Eyewear Sidecar Sunglasses - Polarized - $128.95

The cool, sleek Native Eyewear Sidecar Polarized Sunglasses do more than dress up your face in stylethey protect your eyes against harmful sun rays and glaring light, so you can see clearly and comfortably. All-around protective from ear to eye, these shades have you covered from their lightweight, tough-as-nails Rhyno-Tuff Air Frame to the impact-resistant crystal carbonate lens with UV- and infrared-defying N3 technology. With the choice between a versatile, classic polarized lens and Reflex lens with added glare protection for the brightest conditions, you get just the right Sidecar for your lifestyle. Add to that the quick-and-easy Snap-Back interchangeable lens system with included low-light lenses, and your eyes can rest easy from sunup until sundown. - $128.95