Naish Nalu Series GS Stand-Up Paddleboard - $1,159.16

Naish has deep roots in the world of surfing and stand-up paddleboarding, and boards like the Nalu Series GS Stand-Up Paddleboard reflect this. The Nalu Series includes a range of paddleboards that are designed for all-around riding, from small-wave blasting to flatwater cruising. At the core, these boards are versatile and easy to ride from the shortest length to the longest. Each length represents a particular feel and each has a shape that rewards a certain type of condition or rider weight range. For the beginner, the Nalu series is a safe bet, and for the intermediate paddler, this series offers a few lengths that are ideal if you need a single board to serve as your entire quiver.The 11'6 size offers a full-sized platform that's thick, stable, and capable of surfing like a much shorter board. This board surfs with confidence from edge to edge. Suitable for riders 200lbs and up, this design is a classic, with smooth lines and a predictable feel underfoot.The 11'4 size is thinner and features more outline curve and rocker than its biggest brother, which gives it a more high-performance feel. Edge transitions are a little snappier, and you can easily carve from rail to rail on a wave. Given its volume-to-width ratio, this is an ideal beginner board for lighter riders.The 10'10 size is noticeably different in shape from the other sizes. A radical, multi-concave bottom channels water quickly from nose to tail, giving it additional speed on the water. The nose rocker is low, the tail rocker is progressive and, despite its almost three-foot width, this board paddles fast and straight as an arrow. This is the board for touring, paddling with a partner, or those days when the ocean is a mix of flat-water cruising and small-wave slashing.The 10'6 size is the smallest of the bunch and one of the best solutions for paddlers up to 200 pounds. - $1,159.16