Naish Alana Vario Adjustable Stand Up Paddle - Women's - $223.93

Light in the hand and smooth in the water, the Naish Alana Vario adjustable stand up paddle is designed for women looking to cover distance with effortless strokes. Medium, 7 in. blade is ideal for light paddlers and the high-cadence stroke rate used during flatwater tours and racing. Carbon fiber and Kevlar(R) shaft provides an extremely lightweight, stiff and responsive connection to the water; shaft material also also increases impact resistance. Naish Alana Vario stand up paddle adjusts from 64 - 89 in. using an easy flip-open tab; flip open tab on ferrule, adjust length, and then close tab to lock down shaft. Adjustable length is ideal for switching between a long stroke when touring and a short stroke when surfing; also great for sharing with friends of differing heights. Vertical markings on the shaft help ensure you adjust the T-shaped handle in alignment with the blade, and horizontal markings adjust the length of the paddle. Fiberglass and carbon-fiber blade provides responsive power, and blade shape pulls smoothly through the water. Tough fiberglass edge protects the blade from impact with barnacles or rocks. Hollow, T-shaped grip fits naturally in your hand and includes a coating that allows you to maintain your grip when wet. - $223.93