Naish Alana GS Stand Up Paddleboard - 10 ft.10 in. - $1,529.00

The Naish Alana GS 10 ft. 10 in. stand up paddleboard is designed specifically with women in mind, offering a lighweight, versatile board that performs well in surf or flatwater. 10 ft. 10 in. length is easy for female paddlers to handle in surf and propel forward while touring; 32 in. width offers great stability relative to the shorter length. Stand-out appeal of the Alana GS 10 ft. 10 in. board lies in a unique, channelized bottom shape that helps it track like a much longer board. Glass composite construction starts with a molded EPS foam as the core which bonds to glass layers that protect and seal the EPS core against any water leakage. An extra layer of wood reinforces the stance platform and adds durability by wrapping around the rails, enhancing the rigidity and strength of the board. Outer glass layer seals it all up and maximizes impact resistance so you can enjoy your Alana for many seasons to come. 32 in. width provides great stability for any skill level; high volume offers a solid platform for any size paddler, large or small. Low rocker design from nose to tail enhances stabiltiy and forward glide without giving up its ability to perform well in light surf. Integrated EVA deck pad provides exceptional grip when surfing and paddling flatwater. Center handle is shaped like a ledge, not just a flat slot with finger holes; it allows you to really get a grip by curving your fingers inside the board. You can even pick up the board when it's flat on the ground with this ledged carry handle. The Naish Alana 10 ft. 10 in. GS stand up paddleboard features a 10.5 in. fin for improved tracking. - $1,529.00