Musky Innovations Pounder - BLACK/ORANGE - $22.88

Measuring 15" long and weighing a full pound (16 oz.), the Pounder is a formidable presence in the water that operates on the proven principle that big lures catch big fish. Constructed of sturdy, hand-poured soft plastics, it has an integrated jighead that's perfectly balanced to make it fall at a 45 angle and then swim horizontally on the retrieve. Use it as a jig, crankbait or jerkbait. As the Pounder swims through the water it rocks gently back and forth, while the curly tail waves frantically behind to get the attention of muskies and big pike in the area. Size: 15", 16 oz.Colors: (002)Cisco, (004)Walleye, (014)Black/Orange, (044)Sherbert. Type: Rigged Plastic Swimbaits. Color Black/Orange. - $22.88