Muck Women's Breezy Xpresscool Low Rubber Boots - $74.99

Muck boots combine the latest technology and styling to ensure your feet will stay dry and cool but wont be weighed down by bulky materials. High-grade rubber exterior provides a tough waterproof barrier, and neoprene layered with Spandura adds protection against wear. XpressCool and etc Anti-Friction linings wick moisture away, create a cooling effect, reduce friction and eliminate 99% of bacteria to keep feet fresh. Lightweight shock-absorbing EVA soles keep weight down to less than a pound on each foot. The 4mm CR flex-foam booties have four-way stretch and are cut specifically for a womans foot. Imported.Height: 4.Average weight: 1.5 lbs./pair.Womens whole sizes: 5-11.Colors: Plum Perfect/Lavender, Chocolate/Pink, Grey/Green. - $74.99