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MTT-136 (My track technology)
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My dream come true for ice fishing!
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This is awesome.
This is awsome
Awesome!!!... I want one... How do I get one in Alberta.. canada
thrill on - you totally made this video go viral, well done
Eh not that cool, im gonna stick with my dirtbikes
is there any dealers in Ontario and what is the price tag how can I be a dealer for this
This thing is really cool.
Where do I get one and how much send prices please
how do you find out the price and where to purchase one of these?
Its Awesome!!! like to get the price .
please send me price
like a price, and if can get to be distributor here in Alberta
easily put a 2.75'' lug mountain track and get more traction, would be great for hunting in AK, just need to haul a generator (small one)
how long will the fully charged battery last
wayne dungy, i like the way you think
wow what a great invention would love to be a distributor in the US,,,,
Same concept as the 60's version of the diablorouge but much improved
Cool is it gas or electric love it
That is good for fishing trip
I want one
take my money.
how much do these cost?
cool scoots
Gonna move to Alaska just for a reason to get one if those:)
Crazy machine. A must have if you live in Canada or Alaska, well really anywhere.