MSR Lightning Axis 30 Snowshoes - $199.93

MSR Lightning Axis snowshoes feature bindings that let you compensate for individual gait tendencies, offering enhanced comfort along with aggressive traction for exploring rolling terrain in winter. Total-Traction(TM) frame is made from a single, vertical blade of aerospace-grade aluminum, supported by 2 cross-members of high-strength steel. Frame supplies 360deg of traction, thanks to aggressive teeth integrated into the frame along the outside edges and underfoot. Urethane-impregnated nylon decking is lightweight, waterproof and durable; heel strike area features a welded on reinforcement patch. Bindings feature a wide, flexible strap that crosses the tops of boots to provide a snug fit; cam buckles adjust easily and lock down with a quick push for fast adjustments. Axis(TM) bindings can be adjusted to compensate for individual toe-in and toe-out tendencies in gait, maximizing stride efficiency and overall comfort with a custom fit. Make use of optional instep straps for even greater security; straps stay pliable and easy-to-adjust in cold temperatures, even when wearing mittens. Steel crampons underfoot not only grip well, they provide stability and reduce heel drift for an efficient gait. Heel lifts ease the strain on your calves during steep ascents. All materials are waterproof, so they don't soak up water, freeze and get heavy. Recommended load specification for the MSR Lightning Axis snowshoes includes weight of hiker with gear; flotation will vary with snow conditions. - $199.93