MSR Evo Tour 22 Snowshoes - $129.93

Quick and easy to get in and out, the MSR Evo Tour 22 snowshoes offer excellent durability and aggressive traction for exploring rolling, snow-covered terrain. Injection-molded plastic decks are lightweight and durable and offer plenty of surface for great performance on rolling terrain; tapered shape facilitates a natural stride. SpeedLock(TM) bindings feature a wide, flexible strap that crosses atop boot for a snug fit; cam buckles adjust easily and lock down with a push for fast adjustments. Heel lifts can be raised to ease the strain on your calves during steep ascents. Stainless steel crampons offer positive traction for great bite; multitoothed steel side rails run the full length to offer grip for traversing side slopes and icy terrain. Molded horizontal brakes under feet create a snowplow effect, providing grip for uphill and downhill travel. EVO Flotation Tails (sold separately) add buoyancy when walking in deep powder snow or carrying heavy loads. Please note: without tails, recommended load is up to 180 lbs., and with 6 in. tails, recommended load is up to 250 lbs. Recommended load specification for the MSR Evo Tour 22 snowshoes includes weight of hiker with gear. - $129.93