MRP G3 Chainguide - Ibis Mojo HD - $149.95

If you ride an Ibis Mojo HD, and you prefer a chain guide to a front derailleur, your options are fairly limited. Luckily for you, though, Ibis teamed up with MRP to bring you a Mojo HD-specific version of the venerable G3 chain guide. And as if top-level chain retention and drivetrain protection weren't enough, the G3 comes in under 200 grams, which takes the sting out of the climb when descents are what you're after. The G3 chain guide utilizes an aluminum back-plate for stiffness, and nylon guide plates for drag-free chain retention. The back-plate is sandwiched by the bottom bracket cup like a standard BB-mount chain guide. And if you've ever used a sandwich-style chain guide, you've probably lamented the fact that it's difficult to keep them from rotating. So, MRP takes this attachment a step further by using the drive side lower link bolt to lock the guide in place. The nylon top guide adjusts to fit chainrings from 32- to 36-teeth, and the bottom guide mounts directly to the bash guard, which simplifies both fitment and maintenance. Speaking of the lower guide assembly, the Swingset, as MRP calls it, is one of the G3's significant improvements over previous designs. The bash guard and lower guide assembly are mounted to two bolts. And to speed up crankset removal, the foremost bolt acts as a pivot, and the rear bolt locks the Swingset in place. Even better, MRP designed this assembly to remain accessible with tools when the crankset is fitted. Like many modern guides, the nylon bash plate slides over rocks and logs rather than sticking like an old school aluminum bash-guard. Additionally, MRP gives you the option of running either a traditional pulley for the bottom guide, or an included slider plate. The slider plate has no moving parts and doesn't increase drag, making it an ideal solution for anyone who rides in wet, muddy conditions. - $149.95