Mountain Woods Furniture Wyoming Dining Chair - $399.99

The Mountain Woods Furniture Wyoming Dining Chair embodies the rustic, homespun spirit of the West in a truly unique package. Made of a combination of reclaimed barn wood and regionally harvested wood, every chair has an identity all its own. Reclaimed wood exudes a warm, inviting feel while adding a character-rich, naturally weathered look. Widely varying knot patterns, grain designs and colors from rich, weathered grays to shades of orange and red further distinguish the Wyoming Collection. Handcrafted by master artisans in Laramie, Wyoming. A founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, Mountain Woods Furniture uses mostly reclaimed or dead-standing wood as part of its strong commitment to sustainable, environmentally friendly production. Made in USA.40H x 18W x 19D.Note: Dimensions are approximate due to slight inherent variations in lumber. Type: Chairs. - $399.99