Mountain Hardwear Juggernaut 115 Roller Bag - 7020cu in - $374.95

If you've ever tried to drag 100lbs of gear through the airport, then you know why Mountain Hardwear made the Juggernaut 115 a rolling gear bag instead of a duffel. When you load up all 7000cu inches of cargo space, you're definitely not going to want to carry this bag. Of course, it has to get to where you're going, so Mountain Hardwear gave it wheels and an extendable handle for easy strolling through the airport. External daisy chains let you strap this bag to busses, jeeps, and yaks. The Juggernaut 115 Rolling Gear Bag includes removable laundry and accessory pockets to help you stay organized during your trip to base camp. - $374.95