Moultrie Deer Feed Supplements - $6.88

Moultrie supplements do more than attract deer they provide protein, vitamins and minerals required for healthy deer and trophy-buck potential. 6-lb. bags.Available:Acorn Blend - Real crushed white oak and red oak acorns are combined with rice bran and soybean meal. 20% protein, 7% fat, 6% fiber, 1.1% calcium, .8% phosphorus.Alfalfa Blend - Enjoy the attraction and nutrition of alfalfa without plowing or seeding. 20% protein, 6% fat, 8% fiber, 2% calcium, .6% phosphorus.Multi Blend - A high-powered deer buffet of roasted soybeans, soybean meal, protein pellets, alfalfa, rice bran, corn and oats. 20% protein, 11% fat, 8.1% fiber, .6% calcium, .8% phosphorus. - $6.88