Motorola T9680 R S.A.M.E. Radio Pack - $59.88

Talk with other radio users up to 28 miles away, in good conditions, with no roaming charges or overuse fees. Same Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E.) filters out weather alerts from distant locations and only advises you of weather and emergency information for the specific area you are in. Radio has 22 channels and 121 privacy codes for up to 2,662 communication options. It also has 11 NOAA weather radio channels, iVOX hands-free communication, a Quiet Talk interruption feature, digital signal processing, vibrating call alert and replacement faceplates. Comes with two radios, one dual drop-in charger, one charging adapter and two battery packs. Can also be powered by three AA batteries. Dimensions: 7.8" x 2.4" x 1.3". - $59.88