MotorGuide Wireless Demo Bow Mount Motor - $479.99

Sleek, rugged, reliable and wireless, MotorGuide's Digital Wireless Series trolling motors let you take command from any location in the boat. The high-frequency wireless foot pedal is a low-profile unit that's super-easy to use with intuitive onoff, rightleft and variable speed controls, all without the tripping, tangling and fixed-location hassles of corded units. High-speed steering response is afforded by a durable, oversized gear box with 1 steering resolution for quick and precise course corrections and with the purchase of the optional Hand Control Fob (not included), you can control the motor with your thumb. Variable speed capability permits you to precisely control movement through the water. An integrated battery indicator displays four levels of charge. Oversized brushes in the electric motor unit last longer, increase battery life and make these motors quieter while providing consistent levels of thrust. The composite construction of the shaft makes it 33 stronger than others on the market, so strong that MotorGuide gives you a lifetime shaft guarantee. Large seals on the lower unit protect vital components from shock and moisture. An exclusive Cradle Lock Mount is made to take a pounding from rough-water runs and comes standard with a lockable mounting plate and quick-release motor bracket. One year warranty. Type: Demo Trolling Motors. - $479.99